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About Cadillac

Cadillac is a household name both in and outside the United States. Founded in 1902 in Michigan, it is one of the world’s first luxury automotive brands and made history by being the first American made car to capture a Royal Automobile Club Dewar Trophy due to successfully showcasing the interchangeability of multiple components during a dependability test. Other technological breakthroughs include the development of complete electrical systems, steel roofing and manual transmissions which are clashless. It is also the father of the V8 engine, which has become both a global and American standard.

About Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade is a legendary SUV which took the industry by storm. Unlike other sport utility vehicles, which were little more than crossovers which were car based, the Escalade was a true SUV constructed on the extremely robust Chevy Silverado platform, albeit heavily modified. It has both all wheel and rear wheel drive; can seat a maximum of eight passengers while towing an incredible 8,300 pounds, surpassing most of its competitors.

This isn’t a subtle vehicle; it is designed with a commanding, even intimidating presence. It has edges as sharp as a master crafted sword, with multiple angles and edges. It has been redesigned multiple times to incorporate state of the art tech such as self-parking and ultra-resolution screens. The transmission has also been upgraded to an automatic ten speed, and because it now uses a standardized Magnetic Ride Control styled damper, passengers will experience a much smoother riding experience.

Common Cadillac Escalade A/C Problems

Despite its prestige and impressive stature, the Escalade isn’t without its faults.  For instance, some owners have reported that even though the A/C was turned on, the passenger side vents were blowing out extremely hot air which had the same temperature as the system coolant, which is about 180 degrees. One passenger put their hand close to the vent and was burned, comparing the experience to touching a burning radiator cap. Meanwhile, the Escalade’s driver side continued blowing out cold air normally. When the vehicle was taken to a technician it was found that the flap had become stuck inside the duct.

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