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About Cadillac

Cadillac is a division of General Motors that designs and produces luxury vehicles. Its range of cars is distributed across several markets within the United States, Canada, and China. It also produces other premium car models that were marketed throughout more than 30 markets. Cadillac is ranked at the top of the luxury car class within the U.S. and in 2019 alone, it sold almost 400,000 units of vehicles to markets all around the world, setting a new personal record.

About Cadillac DTS

The Cadillac DeVille Touring Sedan (DTS) is a full-size premium sedan that was manufactured by Cadillac. It substituted the Cadillac DeVille to become Cadillac’s biggest luxury vehicle for its model in the year 2006. This re-naming was in conjunction with new nomenclature conventions which were put in place much earlier by the CTS and STS models. The very first release of DTS was showcased at the Chicago Auto Show back in 2005 and it remained in production all the way through to 2011. The car is powered by a 4.6L V8 engine over a 4-speed automatic.

Common Cadillac DTS A/C Problems

There are several reasons why the Cadillac DTS air condition system is not working as it should. The three most popular problems associated with its A/C system involve an issue with its electrical climate control, a refrigerant leak, or an A/C compressor issue. Here at R & Y Compressor, we are able to provide the parts needed for a complete replacement of your air conditioning parts but an entire retrieval needs to be done. Get this process securely done by an expert with the aid of an extraction device that is specially made for this purpose. After which, focus only on replacing the refrigerant to allow the A/C system to blow cold air again. For compressor failures, you would normally feel warm air even during the night or hear certain noises coming from inside the system. You can choose to replace the entire setup to get your A/C working like new again.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Cadillac DTS Now!

Regular servicing is necessary to enable your vehicle’s air conditioning system to function properly over an extended period of time. However, every vehicle component deteriorates over time which may in turn cause problems like a drop of A/C pressure, loss of climate control settings, and so on. At R & Y Compressor, we have different parts and accessories for repair and replacement to get your A/C working like new again. Enjoy commuting in comfort to get to your destination with ease. Browse our catalog for the accessories that you need for your Cadillac DTS.