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About Cadillac

Cadillac makes up part of the General Motors company. This American automaker designs and builds luxury vehicles for various markets in the U.S., Canada, and China. Cadillac also has a series of models distributed worldwide across more than 30 markets. Its automobile range is ranked first within the luxury vehicle class inside the United States. Recently in 2019, Cadillac managed to sell nearly 400,000 vehicle units across the globe which is a new record for the auto brand.

About Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS was produced and marketed by General motors. This executive car was distributed across three generations from the year 2003 all the way through to 2019. Its price range matches that of vehicles within the compact luxury class but its size is much closer to most of its mid-sized rivals. For CTS’ third generation, the vehicle directly takes on its luxury competitors which are mid-sized. It is indirectly the successor of the smaller CT5 which is a strong competitor of the BMW 3-Series and Benz C-Class.

Common Cadillac CTS A/C Problems

The three main A/C problems often faced by the Cadillac CTS include an electrical climate control issue, a refrigerant leak, or an issue with its A/C compressor. For the climate control issue, it usually involves a faulty electrical component like wiring. This is responsible for the settings of climate control. A refrigerant leak on the other hand, may be caused by a breakdown of valve tubes and hoses. A replacement of these parts can help resolve the issue. Lastly, for issues with the A/C compressor, you can perform a retrieval and replacement for the A/C system to regain its pressure and power.

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