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About Bus and Coach International

Bus and Coach International was a distributor from North America distributing roughly 85 Chinese motor coaches. Most of its vehicles were produced by Jiangxi Kama Business Bus, a Chinese company. Bus and Coach International is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and the company was established by Phillip Oldridge back in 2003 under the name of Canamera Holdings, Ltd. Bus and Coach International introduced its first Falcon 45 coach in the year 2007 at the UMA Motor Coach Expo organized at New Orleans, Louisiana.

About Bus and Coach Falcon 45

The Falcon 45 is manufactured by Boonluck Bus that is based in Nanchang, China. The 45 foot luxury motor coach was adapted for the North American market and was successfully sold at a much more competitive prices. The Falcon 45 was first launched by Bus and Coach International at the UMA Expo in New Orleans back in 2007. Production continued towards the end of 2010 until the agreement between Bus and Coach International and Boonluck Bus was terminated. Subsequently, the Falcon 45 was distributed by LZ Busline.

Common Bus and Coach Falcon 45 A/C Problems

The most common A/C problem shared by drivers of the vehicle includes experiencing slow pressure from its air-conditioning system. Drivers have also uncovered a blower fan fault which causes the A/C system’s fan settings to malfunction. Another issue is regarding the vehicle’s radiator that makes knocking noises during start-up. For these problems, our technicians advise you to perform a complete replacement of the A/C system’s compressor to let the system regain its full pressure. It will also restore its fan settings for easy control. Additionally, a check needs to be performed on the radiator to see if it is indeed cooling the air conditioner refrigerant properly.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Bus and Coach Falcon 45 Now!

The Falcon 45 can accommodate more than 50 passengers, hence it is important to ensure every single one of them remains cool and comfortable throughout the entire commute. If your motor coach is experiencing various A/C issues, it is best to have an expert check on the root of the problem. At R & Y A/C Compressor, we specialize in both A/C parts and compressors of various automobile makes and models. Regardless of the brand of your vehicle, we have the different components with a guaranteed fit. Do not wait until the problem persists further as the A/C may deteriorate more and intense repair works will be needed.

Transport your passengers in optimum comfort by maintaining a properly functioning air-conditioning system. Once you feel a drop of A/C pressure or hear certain noises coming from the system, have our A/C specialists recommend the necessary parts and accessories. Consult our team now for Falcon 45 A/C components.