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About BMW

BMW introduced its first mass production turbocharged engine in 2006. Its success led to the company switching primarily to turbocharging by 2010, and the first BMW hybrid was the ActiveHybrid 7, which was followed by the BMW i3 electric car. Like other major auto companies, BMW has experimented extensively with electric cars and batteries, and despite the company being famous for producing vehicles with rear wheel drive, engineers made the decision to introduce front wheel drive in the BMW Active Tourer 2 Series, which was released in 2014 and was a first for the company.

About BMW Z4

The Z4, also known as the G29, is a roadster with two seats that was released by BMW in 2018. It is considered the successor of the Z4 E89, and it features a roof with a soft top and was showcased at the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach. Calvin Luk designed the car which is derived from the concept Z4, and was developed in conjunction with the Toyota Supra in collaboration between the two companies. The BMW Z4 utilizes Cluster Architecture and features a weight distribution which is 50:50. Drivers can lower or raise the roof in about ten seconds when moving up to thirty one miles per hour. The car uses multi-link style rear suspension and comes in a variety of colors with nineteen inch wheels, and the seats are covered in Vernasca leather. Other luxuries include Harman Kardon sound, heads up display and adaptive dampers. It is powered by a straight 4 engine and uses an automatic eight speed transmission.

Common BMW Z4 A/C Problems

One driver stated that the air conditioner suddenly stopped working. The car was taken to a local mechanic who discovered that multiple wires had melted. He was concerned about the risk of fire so performed additional research and found that this was a frequent issue which had led to some BMWs being recalled. Another owner reported seeing white smoke being emitted from under the hood while smelling burning. This issue is the subject of ongoing investigation and neither the owner of the vehicle nor the mechanic who investigated it is sure exactly what caused it.

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