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About BMW

BMW is one of the world’s most famous automobile manufacturers. Founded in Germany in 1916, over the last 100 years the company has established itself as a force to be reckoned with, building cars so exceptional in quality and performance that they’ve dominated global racing competitions such as the Formula 1 and Isle of Man TT. Originally, the company made a name for itself by producing aircraft engines, but after World War 2 it transitioned fully into the development of cars, SUVs and motorcycles.

About BMW X5

The BMW X5 sport utility vehicle is moderately sized yet provides unmatched performance and opulence. It has been totally redesigned, and is available in variants such as the X5M and M50i. Those that purchase the M50i will have access to a twin turbo, 4.4 liter V8 engine that can  produce an incredible 523 horsepower with 553 pounds of torque, while the X5M is even more powerful with 600 horsepower. It can hold a maximum of five passengers and is well equipped with a variety of safety features such as driver assistance. Like other automakers, BMW has extensively researched hybrid technology and plans to introduce a hybrid X5 which will use an inline 6 that is turbocharged and connected to an electric motor, enabling it to generate 394 horsepower.

Common BMW X5 A/C Problems

One driver stated that while driving their BMW X5 the SUV suddenly begin stalling, and had to be towed to a dealer that was authorized to inspect and repair it. The fuel pump needed to be replaced, and because the air conditioning was not emitting air, it became necessary to replace additional components. Other drivers have reported that although their air conditioning works, it takes too long to cool the vehicle down, usually over sixty minutes. Passengers reported sweating during hot summers when temperatures exceeded 108 degrees, which is problematic given that the X5 also has ventilated seats. Mechanics have acknowledged the problem and recommended installing higher quality components to produce the desired air cooling level.

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