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About BMW

Like other major car manufacturers, BMW has developed its own line of SUVs, SACs and Crossovers. They are usually given the X designation, such as X1, X2, X3, from base models to the most advanced. SAC stands for Sports Activity Coupe, while the term crossover is used to refer to a vehicle with a rear roofline that slopes. Most models have at least five doors, and are designed at carry at least a half dozen passengers. Visually, these vehicles resemble liftbacks or fastbacks, and typically provide more cargo space than cars, but not as much space as trucks or vans. The very first crossover from BMW was the X6.

About BMW X3

The X3 is a luxurious compact crossover which has been produced by BMW since 2003. It uses the CLAR platform and has appeared in at least three generations. It is often marketed as an SAC, and the 2nd generation was assembled at the South Carolina Spartanburg plant. It is also assembled at the South African plant of Rosslyn, which is so efficient that it can produce up to 76,000 units within a single year. The X3 is outfitted with an eighty kWh battery, which can provide as much as 290 miles worth of range. It is powered electrically and can generate the equivalent of 286 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate from zero to sixty in around 6.8 seconds. Its electric drivetrain is scalable, and uses a compact design so effective that BMW engineers also installed it in the i3.

Common BMW X3 A/C Problems

One owner stated that shortly after buying their X3 they encountered a problem where the air conditioning would suddenly stop working. Mechanics who investigated the problem concluded that it was the result of a leak, but after supposedly fixing it the issue occurred again about a month later. This time the owner was told the issue was the result of a compressor that had gone bad and needed to be replaced. After supposedly fixing it again the vehicle worked for a couple of days but then the A/C started blowing out hot air.

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