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About BMW

BMW has multiple divisions, one of which is BMW Motorsport. It is tasked with managing the company’s motorsport activities, such as motor cycle racing, touring car competitions and racing championships. Some of the most popular racing teams include BMW Team SRM (Australia), Schubert Motorsport (Germany), and BMW Team RLL (USA). These race teams drive and showcase BMW’s most powerful cars, including the M6 GT3, the M8 GTE and the M235i Racing vehicle. BMW has a long and glorious history, appearing in competitions such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Formula One, Formula Two, American Le Mans Series, and Isle of Man TT.

About BMW M5

The M5 is the performance variant for BMW 5 Series. It is seen by enthusiasts as being iconic and for good reason, as it offers the perfect blend of power and comfort. It is primarily sold in sedan form, but depending on jurisdiction might also appear as an estate wagon. The first M5 was showcased in 1985, and utilized the 535i E28 chassis with an engine that is modified. At the time of its release it was the quickest performing production sedan ever made, and the F90 M5 is derived from the G30. It is distinctive for its xDrive (all-wheel drive) powertrain, and marked the first time the M5 appeared without rear wheel drive. Despite this, the all-wheel drive is actually geared towards the back wheels, yet it can be modified to only transmit power to them. This M5 was powered by an automatic eight speed transmission. The 2017 M5 F90 was tested and found to be capable of going from zero to sixty two miles per hour in 3.4 seconds.

Common BMW M5 A/C Problems

When A/C problems occur, they usually start internally rather than externally. Although BMW A/C systems are well made, the refrigerant within them may break down within the compressor, which will eventually cause its internal components to fracture or jam. It is at this point that drivers begin experiencing issues with their A/C. This is also why it is important to get the A/C inspected regularly. Many mechanics overlook the A/C when performing routine inspections, but this oversight allows any underlying issues to worsen as time passes.

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