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About BMW

Sometimes BMW constructs special facilities called complete knock down assembly plants (CKD). One such plant is located in Araquari, Brazil, and is designed to produce the F30 3 Series. A CKD plant houses a collection of components which are used to assemble the final product. The parts are usually manufactured in one region, and then shipped to another where it is assembled. CKD is frequently used in the heavy truck and automotive business, as well as electronics. Businesses will sell their assembly kits to foreign affiliates for a variety of reasons, such as the avoidance or reduction of import taxes, or so that they can receive tax preferences due to providing local jobs.

About BMW M3

The M3 is the high performance variant for the BMW 3 Series. It was developed by the company’s motorsport division, which is BMW M GmbH. The M3 has been produced across multiple generations since they were first showcased in 1986. The earliest models were available primarily in convertible and coupe form, but by 1994 buyers had the option of purchasing the M3 sedan. Since 2014 the M3 has only been available as a sedan, since the convertible and coupe versions were rebranded the BMW 4 Series.

The M3 has received a number of upgrades over the years, which includes the engines, aerodynamics, handling, brakes and materials, which are lighter in weight without compromising strength. The M3 E30 uses a 4 cylinder engine, a DOHC high rev mechanism, and a head which is derived from the S38 BMW. Some models come with catalytic converters, and it can produce 192 horsepower with a maximum speed of 146 miles per hour.

Common BMW M3 A/C Problems

Generally, the BMW M3 A/C system works wells, but some owners have reported leaks over the years. A/C system fluid is a key part of the system, but if it starts to leak the air conditioning will not work properly. Some systems utilize fluid which can be seen through black light which makes it easier to identify the source. Recharging the BMW’s air conditioning system is a simple process that can be done without a technician, and if a part becomes faulty a replacement can be purchased online.

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