BMW 760Li

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About BMW

BMW maintains a number of production facilities around the world. In 2004 the first Chinese facility opened at Shenyang, which was the result of a partnership between Brilliance Auto and BMW. It produces 5 and 3 Series models specifically for Chinese consumers, and allowed the company to sell almost a half million vehicles in China during 2014 alone. By 2018 BMW unveiled plans to construct a billion dollar facility in Hungary, which would be situated at Debrecen. It is believed that this center will be able to produce approximately 150,000 vehicles per year.

About BMW 760Li

The BMW 760Li was designed by BMW engineers and Robbe & Berking silversmiths.  It is a limited edition 7 series car that features external and internal trim made with sterling silver. It has a twin kidney styled grille with classy emblems and interior trim panels. The grey exterior with brown leather seats looks best, as it amplifies the sterling most, and the car is powered by a V12 twin turbo engine that is six liter. It is a luxury sedan which is full sized and considered a flagship vehicle by enthusiasts.

One thing which separates the 760Li from other BMW vehicles is its usage of cutting edge technology. Many of the features found in it are not yet available in other BMW models, such as turbocharging and natural aspiration. The 7 Series was first showcased in 2015 at the BMW headquarters at Munich, as well as the International Motor Show which also took place in Germany during the same year.

Common BMW 760Li A/C Problems

The BMW 760Li is one of the company’s top performing vehicles, and as such, few mechanical issues have been encountered by owners. However, one driver reported an issue where during startup and while idle, the air conditioning would blow out air, but this air would not cool down the cabin, even when the temperature was as low as 18 degrees. The cold air would only appear when the vehicle was driven on highways at faster speeds. While not a major issue, it is something that has been noted and some experts believe it is caused by a compressor valve that controls the gas pressure that is pumped inside the system. This valve is subject to deterioration as time passes which prevents the compressor from efficiently pumping the gas.

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