BMW 750i

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About BMW

BMW is an Environmental Protection Agency achievement track member, which means that they are recognized for their stewardship toward the environment. BMW is considered to be one of the world’s most sustainable corporations according to Dow Jones and as such has been featured in their sustainable index every year. This is due to the fact that BMW is involved in the manufacture of automobiles and understands the importance of developing high performance vehicles without compromising the environment. It has achieved this in a number of ways, such as enhancing the efficiency of models powered via fossil fuels while simultaneously researching hybrid, hydrogen and electric vehicles.

About BMW 750i

The BMW 750i is distinctive for its long wheel base and sporty features. It is powered primarily by a V8 twin turbo engine that is 4.4 liters, which allows it to produce up to 400 horsepower with 450 pounds of torque. It has an automatic six speed transmission with a clutch that can be manually operated. Despite weighing about 4,500 pounds it is incredibly nimble when moving, especially at high speeds, and drivers have access to multiple modes such as normal, sport and sport+. The purpose of these different drive modes is to alter the vehicle’s electric throttle response, along with the adaptive damping, transmission, stability and traction control. As is the case with other BMW models, the 750i is packed with a host of luxury features including multi zone climate control, powered leather seats and infotainment.

Common BMW 750i A/C Problems

The air conditioning in one driver’s BMW 750i suddenly stopped working, and wouldn’t blow out cold air. The dash temperature displays minus forty degrees, and they tried fixing the issue through resetting its computer. Mechanics who investigated the issue concluded that it was caused by the external temperature sensor. This failure commonly occurs in some BMW models because once the sensor becomes faulty, the reading will automatically default to minus forty, and because the car’s computer mistakenly believes it is minus forty outside, it will prevent the A/C from starting. The only solution is to replace the external temperature sensor, which gets rid of the error reading and will allow the A/C to work again.

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