BMW 650 CL

Has the air conditioning in your BMW malfunctioned? R&Y Compressors is based in South Florida and is the number one provider of A/C parts and service. We are family owned and have been in operation since 1989.

About BMW

Industry collaboration is a key part of the automobile business, and BMW has worked with a number of automakers over the years. For instance, it collaborated with McLaren to develop the V12 engine for the F1, and it also designed 4 cylinder petroleum engines with Citroen and Peugeot in 2004. BMW has also worked with Toyota to advance fuel cell based technology, and its partnership with Daimler Benz led to a number of breakthroughs in autonomous driving technology. BMW has also conducted extensive research into lithium based air batteries.

About BMW 650 CL

The BMW 650 CL is part of the 6 Series and appears in two forms, which are the coupe or convertible. It is powered by a very potent V8 engine with six cylinders and buyers also have the option of all or rear wheel drive. Many sports car aficionados prefer the manual transmission and this particular model includes a number of other changes such as tires that run flat, trim made with carbon fiber and alloy wheels which are twenty inches in size. Those who have been lucky enough to test drive the BMW 650 CL have stated that it has outstanding body motion control along with great visibility and a fast reaction shift mode. The iDrive is also very efficient, and is the culmination of decades of research. The 6 Series was first introduced in 1976 and has gone through a number of changes since then. It has appeared in four generations so far the latest of which appeared in 2017.

Common BMW 650 CL A/C Problems

One owner encountered an unusual problem where their BMW 650 air conditioning would work normally in the morning, but after the vehicle had set out in the sun for a while the fan would begin to start and stop. The owner tried switching the fan speed to resolve the issue but it didn’t work, and since the A/C blows out cold air during the brief times it works the issue doesn’t seem to be compressor related. Some experts who have investigated the issue believe that it could be related to the blower motor or HVAC.

Get Automotive A/C Products for BMW 650 CL Now!

Even the most reliable automobile will have air conditioning problems from time to time. These systems have always been complex and the complexity has only increased in recent years with new advances in technology. R&Y Compressors carries hundreds of remanufactured BMW parts, which includes compressors, hose assemblies, evaporators, condensers and more. These components are a fraction of the price you’ll pay when buying brand new yet are carefully inspected to guarantee quality so they will work long after installation, so browse for BMW 650 CL A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!