BMW 335i

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About BMW

BMW, like other major automakers, has production facilities all over the world. Some of the largest are in Austria, the United States, India, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and China. The company also maintains localized assembly operations which involve CKD, or complete knock down, in places such as Russia, Malaysia, Thailand and Egypt. A BMW mini factory can be found near Oxford in the UK, and this allowed the BMW Group to produce more than 1.3 million vehicles in 2006 alone. The company also has factories in its native Germany near Berlin which produce motorcycles.

About BMW 335i

The 335i is considered BMW’s flagship vehicle for its mid-sized line. It has greater width and length than previous generations, and the weight has been further reduced without compromising safety. Performance wise, the 335i is exceptionally powerful and capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 in about 5.5 seconds. Both the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption have been lowered, although the engine output from the turbocharged 6 cylinder engine is largely the same. The interior is packed with a number of state of the art features which are designed to keep passengers comfortable and entertained at all times, including the Harman Kardon sixteen speaker sound system, Bluetooth support featuring voice control, bigger dual exhaust, eighteen inch alloy wheels, and high resolution screens which are 8.8 inches in size. It also has a navigation system and the ability to access the internet via its iDrive controller.

Common BMW 335i A/C Problems

One owner stated that two months after purchasing their 335i they began having issues with the A/C. It stopped blowing several times while the vehicle was in operation, and the driver stated that they could not feel any air coming from the vents, although they could hear the unit operating. When the vehicle was taken to the mechanic they discovered that the car’s line had become frozen and they repaired it along with adjusting its temperature control. However, the issue occurred a second time, which led the mechanic to believe that the evaporator was freezing or moisture was present in the system. Ultimately, the A/C system was completely recharged and evacuated and fixing the vaporizer sensor solved the problem.

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