BMW 328xi

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About BMW

The international BMW headquarters building in Munich utilizes distinct architecture. It is the first building in the world to be shaped like the head of a four cylinder engine. Its design was envisioned by architect Karl Schwanzer and was first unveiled in 1972. Since that time the building has become iconic and declared a historical site. The primary tower is comprised of 4 vertical cylinders which are erected in close proximity to one another. Each of the cylinders is horizontally divided within the center through a mold in its façade. Rather than standing on the foundation, they are instead suspended via a centralized support tower.

Another example of BMW architecture is the BMW Museum, which is a building shaped like an advanced cauldron. Karl Schwanzer also designed it and it was opened the same year as the BMW headquarters. Its interior uses a spiral based theme with a roof that incorporates a forty meter diameter BMW logo.

About BMW 328xi

The 328xi is most famous for its lovely profile. The seats are comfortable and covered in Dakota style leather, and the trunk offers plenty of space for cargo. The polished wood is intricately crafted and drivers have access to a nifty feature called iDrive which is a multimedia based interface which gives them greater control over the vehicles functions and performance. The engine is capable of generating up to 230 horsepower and buyers have the option of a manual stick with the ability to downshift when needed. It performs well even in adverse weather conditions and can accelerate from zero to sixty in about 7 seconds.

Common BMW 328xi A/C Problems

One problem was discovered where the A/C would repeatedly shut off, causing its engine to overheat. Mechanics first need to verify the overheating externally, and if this isn’t the problem, it might be the result of the temperature sensor becoming faulty. Legitimate overheating is typically caused by ECU problems, a faulty cooling system or thermostat. Diagnosing the issue requires the correct equipment, which can read and analyze all the outputs and inputs within the cooling system to determine the true cause in real time. BMW A/C systems are designed to block the buildup of microbes or mold inside their micro filter.

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