BMW 325i

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About BMW

BMW vehicles have successfully performed in a number of racing activities over the years. This in part has contributed to their success and popularity. Some of the competitions that BMWs regularly appear in include Formula Two, Sportscar racing, Formula One, the World Touring Car Championship, ALMS, the Superbike World Championship, the Isle of Man TT and the North West 200. Numerous teams have been built around BMW and many of their engines were the most powerful in the world when first introduced. Perhaps BMWs most impressive feat was the creation of the S70/2 engine, found inside the McLaren F1, which established a global record for the fastest production car during the 1990s, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

About BMW 325i

The BMW 325i was first introduced in 1994 and its 2.5 liter engine can generate 189 horsepower with 184 pounds of torque. Buyers have the option of either a 4 speed automatic or manual five speed transmission. The car used gasoline as its primary fuel and the maximum fuel capacity for the tank was about 17.2 gallons. It has a fuel economy of about nineteen to twenty miles per gallon in the city. Like most BMWs, it comes with many comforts, including a sunroof, electric windows and the ability to seat up to five passengers. It also has a tachometer, cruise control, standardized stereo system with a cassette player and receiver for AM/FM radio, and sound is provided through 6 speakers which are located in different areas of the vehicle.

Common BMW 325i A/C Problems

Sometimes the A/C in the BMW 325i becomes locked in defrost mode. When its control settings become stuck, this is either because of a software problem or computer glitch. It could also result from a component that has become faulty, such as the sensor. One solution that has been discovered by mechanics is to unhook the car’s negative battery line for about an hour so that the system is completely reset; this might clear out the glitches. If this doesn’t work the software might need updating or an internal component might need to be replaced.

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