BMW 128i

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About BMW

BMW’s circular white and blue roundel or logo was derived from the logo used by Rapp Motorenwerke, which showcases a black colored ring which displays the name of the company which surrounds the logo itself. BMW retained the black ring used by Rapp, but decided to incorporate a circular escutcheon as the main element. It is considered a heraldic reference to the Bavarian coat of arms. In the latest logo the company designers have eliminated the dark outline which used to encircle its roundel. The logo is also meant to convey aircraft propeller movement, which pays homage to the company’s origins as a manufacturer of aircraft engines.

About BMW 128i

The BMW 128i comes in both convertible and coupe form, and has received praise for its superb handling, robust engine, sporty dynamics, rear wheel drive, and ability to comfortably seat four passengers. These are the key attributes that most customers have come to expect from BMW, and the engineers didn’t let them down. Best of all, the 128i is sold in a package which is smaller and more affordable than other variants, without sacrificing quality.

It is powered by an inline 6, 3 liter engine that can generate 230 horsepower with 200 pounds of torque. Buyers also have the option of either a manual or automatic six speed transmission. Company executives have stated that the vehicle is capable of going from 0 to 60 in just seven seconds, which is quite impressive.

Common BMW 128i A/C Problems

Although the 128i is a popular and highly regarded vehicle, it isn’t without its issues. For instance, one driver reported that the A/C compressor wouldn’t engage. As a consequence, the car’s air conditioning would only blow out hot air. They checked the Freon to see if the levels were inadequate, but it was full, and the blower was also working correctly. A mechanic who specializes in BMWs explained that the compressors in most models won’t constantly engage and then disengage like other vehicles. Instead, they will engage once, usually after the car is started. This is because BMWs utilize variable output style compressors instead of cycling their units on and then off. Therefore, the issue resulted from either a blown fuse or an internal compressor component that had become faulty.

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