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About BMW

BMW is one of Germany’s most prestigious automobile manufacturers. Founded in 1916, it initially specialized in aircraft engines, but eventually transitioned into automobile and motorcycle production. Its vehicles are known for their exceptional performance, so much so that BMW earned the “Ultimate Driving Machine” moniker, and has won numerous competitions in the Isle of Man TT, touring cars and Formula 1. The company has its headquarters in Munich, but like many automakers has assembly plants all over the world, in places as diverse as Brazil, South Africa, the USA, UK, India, China and Mexico. The company produces more than 2 million vehicles per year and employs more than 130,000 people worldwide.

About BMW 120i

The 120i is a subcompact executive vehicle that was first introduced by BMW in 2004. It is considered the successor for BMW 3 Series and is sold in coupe, convertible and hatchback form. Starting in 2011, the 120i convertible and coupe were marketed as BMW 2 Series, since the 1 Series no longer incorporated their body styles. A sedan variant was also produced for Chinese customers, and it was equipped with front wheel drive and would serve as the foundation for the 3rd generation 1 Series.

The 120i is considered an entry level vehicle. It is a smaller hatchback which utilizes rear wheel drive for the first 2 generations, and then the all-wheel drive was incorporated later in 2012. By 2019 buyers also had the option of front wheel drive. The 120i is also related to the BMW M, which is also known as the M Coupe 1 Series. It is the predecessor for BMW M2 and comes in the form of a hatchback with five doors which uses front wheel drive style configuration.

Common BMW 120i A/C Problems

Sometimes drivers turn on the A/C at full blast and they notice that no air comes out of the A/C vents at all. Mechanics who have investigated the issue believe that it is the result of an electrical switch problem in the A/C button. In other cases a small bit of air blows out, which means that the problem is either the HVAC blower or the blower motor itself.

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