Audi S8

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About Audi

Audi has invested a considerable sum of money in the development of synthetic fuel that is comprised of carbon dioxide and water. Chemists and engineers refer to it as E-diesel, and are also in the process of developing synthetic gasoline. When it comes to logistics, Audi workers utilize scanning gloves which allows them to register parts during assembly, and assembly factory robotics automatically transfers the completed vehicles on rail cars.

Audi models are currently broken down into two basic categories, which are the A and S editions. The A models are designed for standard performance while the S models are higher tier vehicles that provide greater power and as such come with a higher price tag. Audi is also experimenting with electric vehicles, and has teamed up with Sanyo, the Japanese electronics conglomerate, to build hybrid/electric vehicles for Volkswagen Group.

About Audi S8

The S8 is the full sized luxury version of the A8. It is produced by Audi Sport GmbH and is upgraded mechanically. It is outfitted with the company’s Quattro 4 wheel drive and the first three generations provided a shorter wheelbase. Long wheelbases appeared by the 4th generation. The S8 is considered by many to be one of Audi’s flagship vehicles, as it offers maximum performance, space and opulence. It is extremely powerful, and capable of generating up to 563 horsepower with 590 pounds of torque. It is outfitted with a twin turbo, 4 liter V8 engine, and incorporates a mild hybrid which allows drivers to coast or stop start as desired.

Common Audi S8 A/C Problems

One owner reported that the A/C in his Audi S8 was never as cold as it should be, and initially he thought it was because of insufficient gas. He took the vehicle in for servicing, and the technicians were able to get the A/C cooling in the manner in which it was designed. This didn’t last long however, as the A/C begin emitting warm air and wouldn’t cool the cabin at all. Changing the pressure switch didn’t work, but upon further investigation it was discovered that the pump had become faulty, and after replacing it the vehicle’s A/C begin working correctly.

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