Audi S7

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About Audi

Starting in 2003, Audi made the decision to develop a control interface which was centralized for all its vehicles, first appearing in the Audi A8. It works in conjunction with the onboard infotainment and is referred to as MMI, or Multi Media Interface. It comes in the form of a knob with segment buttons that rotates and allows drivers or passengers to control all the vehicle’s entertainment devices, such as the radio, TV tuner, iPod, ventilation, heating and satellite navigation from a single screen. MMI gradually appeared in other Audi models, such as the 2011 third generation A3, and today is found across the whole model range.

About Audi S7

The Audi S7 is the performance variant for the Audi A7. It is equipped with a TFSI 4 liter V8 engine that can produce up to 414 horsepower with 406 pounds of torque. It is also equipped with the company’s patented Quattro 4 wheel drive and the S-tronic seven speed gearbox. This allows it to go from zero to sixty in approximately 4.7 seconds.

The vehicle was first showcased at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2011 and became available for purchase by the spring of the following year. It is considered to be an executive vehicle which can be purchased in the form of a liftback with five doors and is distinctive for its raked back window, sloping roof and boot lid which is integrated. Some models also feature 4 frameless doors.

Common Audi A7 A/C Problems

One owner discovered a problem while driving the vehicle about one hundred miles. On the return trip, the air conditioning suddenly stopped blowing out cold air. The driver tried witching to low but nothing changed. After a few moments the A/C system’s red light shut off and wouldn’t turn on again. This prompted the driver to pull the vehicle over and then shut down the engine and turn off the ignition. He then restarted the car but the A/C still wouldn’t work. The A/C light turned on later but the vents would only blow out warm air. Mechanics who investigated the issue concluded that it was the result of a premature temperature sensor failure.

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