Audi S4

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About Audi

New generation Audi vehicles have been equipped with the state of the art Fuel Stratified Injection engine (FSI), which is the successor to the 1.8 liter engine. The main benefit of FSI, aside from increased power, is superior fuel economy. Another technology introduced by Audi in 2003 was DSG, or Direct Shift Gearbox. This is a unique dual clutch style transmission which is based on Group BS1 gearboxes. It uses control clutches which are electro hydraulic as opposed to a standard torque converter. It is most frequently used in models such as the Audi A4, A3, TT and VW Golf.

About Audi S4

The S4 is a top tier performance car which was first introduced in 1991. It features bigger brakes, a stronger suspension and more powerful engine than most Audi models, and it also uses sheet metal which is distinct. In fact, the S4 is so highly regarded that it is the Audi of choice in markets where the RS4 isn’t available. The engine within the S4 is fronted mount and oriented longitudinally, and the classic C4 variant is powered by an inline 5 cylinder. The car’s transmission is mounted near the back of its engine in the manner of the transaxle, and as with other Audis it utilizes Quattro 4 wheel drive. It is manufactured in Germany at the Ingolstadt plant and can be purchased in the form of a saloon with four or five doors or an Avant.

Common Audi S4 A/C Problems

A driver reported that while operating the vehicle they noticed the option to turn on the A/C was greyed out and unavailable. The vents would still blow out some air on the lowest setting but there was no way to activate the air conditioning itself. Mechanics who have investigated the issue have determined that it is most likely a manufacturing defect involving the pressure sensor or leakage. To find the leaks some mechanics will use a special blue tracer dye that can find the source, and once identified the leak can be sealed and the A/C can be regassed.

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