Audi S3

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About Audi

For its full size luxury vehicles, Audi typically uses the W12 engine, rather than the standard V12 engine which is found in BMW and Mercedes. The W12 configuration was invented by merging two VR6 engines in an 72 degree angle, and because each cylinder set has a narrow angle, this allows dual overhead camshafts the ability to properly bank each pair, meaning just four are necessary. Another benefit of using the W12 is the compact packaging, which allows Audi engineers to construct sedans with twelve cylinders and all-wheel drive, while standard V12 engines are limited to rear wheel drive since no space is available in its engine bay for the differential or various other components which are essential for powering the wheels in front. The W12 engine is also capable of producing more than 500 horsepower.

About Audi S3

The Audi S3 is a second generation vehicle that can be purchased with a five or three door body. It also has an upgraded FSI 2 liter turbocharged petro engine, which can produce a total of 265 PS. Like other S models, the development was primarily accomplished in-house through the Quattro GmbH team. The engine is distinctive and features high end pistons, with revised fuel mapping, enhanced turbocharger and a bigger intercooler. This allows the S3 to accelerate from zero to sixty in about 5.5 seconds, and it can reach a top speed of 155 miles per hour. Buyers have the option of either a 6 speed manual transmission or a 6 speed S-Tronic automatic. Both the dampers and spring ratings have also been revised.

Common Audi S3 A/C Problems

A driver was sitting in traffic one day when they noticed the vehicle’s liquid gauge temperature rising to around 100, but when the vehicle moved into heavier traffic it rose to 108. The dash needle spiked simultaneously, which prompted the driver to pull the vehicle over to see what was happening. He checked the fuses, coolant, thermal and water pump, and everything seemed okay. However, the fans didn’t come on and could be hand spun, which means that the issue might be the car’s Fan Cooling Module. One mechanic recommended checking the run pump along with the air conditioning fans.

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