Audi RS4

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About Audi

During the 1970s Audi played a key role in the development of the EA827 and EA111 inline 4 engines. The engines were revolutionary at the time because they spawned the revival of water cooled units which were popularly used in Volkswagen vehicles and their successors are still in use today. The 1980s marked the development of Audi’s 2 liter inline 5 cylinder engine, which lasts longer than classical 6 cylinder systems. The inline 5 was so powerful and efficient that it was chosen for use in race cars.

A number of rally cars used it as their base, as it could generate up to 400 horsepower after being modified. Prior to the 1990s, engines were available which created a displacement from 2 liters to 2.3 liters, and this engine range provided opportunities for power and fuel economy.

About Audi RS4

The RS4 is a high performance version for the Audi A4, which is produced at Audi Sport GmbH. It is the quickest, most powerful car which uses the B platform, surpassing even the S4. This vehicle is geared towards sports competition, as the initial “RS” stands for RennSport, or racing sport. This particular line of vehicles is highly advanced and usually incorporates Audi’s most cutting edge technology. It uses a 4 wheel drive Quattro system, and the newest editions are distinctive for their angular exteriors and upgraded wheels. The car is powered via a V6, TFSI engine that is twin turbocharged and capable of producing 450 horsepower. It is also equipped with an S-Tronic seven speed dual clutch transmission, but can also be outfitted with a Tiptronic eight speed.

Common Audi RS4 A/C Problems

One driver reported that his A/C suddenly stopped working. Air was still coming out of the vents, but it was warm rather than cold. He charged the vehicle using Freon yet the problem persisted. He then inspected the fuses which were also fine, and even changed the pressure sensor and compressor. One mechanic recommended placing refrigerant oil inside the compressor because sometimes it starts dry but may lock up. The Audi RS4 compressor has a pulley which breaks away. It is also important to connect the air conditioning regulating valve.

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