Audi Q7

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About Audi

Unlike its rivals, Audi engineers have not incorporated the engine transverse layout. One reason for this is because this layout is typically used in economy cars, and restricts the power and type of engines which may be installed. Since Audi is geared towards the high end performance and luxury market, mounting their power engines (like the V8), requires a layout that is front mounted and longitudinal. This overhung position, which rests on top of the front wheels near its axle line, allows for easy compatibility with all-wheel drive.

About Audi Q7

The Q7 sport utility vehicle is luxurious and moderately sized. It was first introduced in 2005 during the Motor Show in Frankfurt and can carry a maximum of seven passengers. It is assembled at the Bratislava, Slovakia Volkswagen plant and is the very first SUV to be sold by Audi. The Q7 utilizes the MLB chassis and platform and has appeared in two generations so far. Buyers have the option of petrol or diesel powered variants, as well as the plugin hybrid e-tron, which is available in the USA and Europe but not Canada.

The Q7 plugin hybrid is powered by a turbo diesel V6 engine that works in conjunction with a motor that is electronic. It is situated within an automatic eight speed gearbox to offer a total output of 255 horsepower with 443 pounds of torque. It also features a clutch that is electronically controlled and capable of connecting/disconnecting to the V6 engine. The motor is powered via a lithium ion battery.

Common Audi Q7 A/C Problems

Some drivers have reported that when operating the vehicle the air conditioning will not blow out cold air. There are multiple potential causes for this problem, which can make it challenging to solve. However, most experts who have evaluated the Q7 have found that the issue lies with either the blend door or blower motor. The blower motor is responsible for blowing out air and if it isn’t this means it might have malfunctioned. The blend door manages the level of heated or cooled air which enters the cabin, but sometimes it can become jammed.

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