Audi A8 Quattro

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About Audi

Audi is one of the first automobile manufacturers to incorporate space frame technology into their vehicles. The 1994 Audi A8 was the first to use this feature, which was state because it saved weight while enhancing torsion rigidity when compared to the standard steel frames that were used by most vehicles. Audi engineers also experimented with their Type 44 chassis which utilized aluminum and was used for testing purposes.

The downside to aluminum frames however is that they are costly to repair as they need body shops that specialize in them. Weight reduction in Audi vehicles is also accomplished via Quattro 4 wheel drive, which today has become standard in many markets. Regardless, Audi is still considered the lightest vehicle in its class.

About Audi A8 Quattro

The A8 Quattro luxury sedan has four doors and is full sized. It was first introduced in 1994 and is the successor to the Audi V8. It has appeared in four generations so far and offers the option of all wheel drive or front wheel drive. It has both short and extended wheelbases and while the initial two generations used the Group D Volkswagen platform, all subsequent models use Audi’s MLB platform. The A8 is distinctive for being the first car with a chassis made with aluminum to be massed produced.

Drivers that demand even more power can upgrade to the Audi S8, which is a high performance variant that is mechanically upgraded. It has a trapezoidal style grille that is single frame with V10 badges that are visible on the front wing. It also uses HID (high intensity discharge) headlamps made with Xenon.

Common Audi A8 Quattro A/C Problems

One of the most common problems encountered in the Audi A8 is the A/C suddenly blowing out warm air. There are multiple potential causes for this, but one of the most frequent is a faulty blower motor. The good news is that if the blower motor is the culprit replacing it is both simple and inexpensive. The issue could also be caused by the blend door, as this unit controls the amount of heated and cooled air which enters the cabin. Should it lock or become jammed, the A/C system won’t be able to respond to your temperature request.

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