Audi A6

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About Audi

Audi is famous for manufacturing vehicles that are 100 percent galvanized, which makes them impervious to corrosion. In fact, it was the first automaker to do so, and Audi engineers also apply a zinc coating to the entire body as an additional measure to prevent rust. These features are so durable and well received that the company was encouraged to extend its initial ten year warranty.

About Audi A6

The A6 executive car is the successor of the Audi 100 and has appeared in five generations so far. It is assembled in Germany and is sold in both estate and saloon configurations. The internal numbering suggests that the A6 is actually a continuation of the Audi 100, but it is still marketed with its own distinct model designation and identity.

Each generation features either Torsen 4 wheel drive or front wheel drive, which is called Quattro by Audi engineers. The 2nd and 3rd generations use the same platform as the Allroad models. Buyers have the option of diesel or petrol, and it comes in a variety of engine configurations which provide diverse power outputs that start at 150 PS but can be as high as 333 PS. The inline 4 engine is turbocharged and equipped with sixteen valves, but buyers can also get the 3 liter V6 which uses a mechanical type compressor. The A6 was first revealed at the Geneva Auto Show in 2018, and became available for purchase later that year. Each engine uses a hybrid mile drivetrain which is designed to lower fuel consumption by as much as 0.7 liters per one hundred kilometers in the V6 models.

Common Audi A6 A/C Problems

Some owners have stated that their A/C blows out heat and wasn’t charged. They checked the Freon levels, fuse, relay switch and even the blender door and everything seemed fine, but mechanics who inspected the unit believed that a blockage might be present in the hose. It is also possible that there is a problem with the A/C evaporator, and the only way to determine if it is plugged in is by visually inspecting the air conditioning gauge readings. If it is plugged in this means a replacement compressor might be needed.

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