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About Audi

Like other carmakers, Audi has invested heavily in artificial intelligence. It has incorporated this technology into its vehicles in the form of driver assist, with the goal of providing complete autonomous driving in the future. However, there are numerous technical, regulatory, and legal challenges that must be met so that this goal is achieved. The company plans for vehicles such as the A8 to be completely self-driving at speeds at or below sixty kilometers per hour, and unlike other brands, the driver won’t be required to perform safety checks like touching the steering wheel periodically. Furthermore, the A8 will be the first vehicle to achieve level three autonomous driving, which means it is so efficient and safe that the driver can turn their attention to other tasks such as eating or watching a movie and Audi vehicles will be equipped with 3D Lidar as well as ultrasonic sensors.

About Audi A5

The A5 coupe is both compact and executive, and was first introduced in 2007. Buyers can also purchase a Sportback or cabriolet variant, which both use B-platforms. Each is derived from Volkswagen MLB, or Modular Longitudinal Matrix architecture. It also comes with the option of diesel or petrol engines, and can produce up to 190 horsepower. It can be outfitted with either a six speed manual transmission or S-Tronic 7/8 speed. It has a Virtual Cockpit style instrument panel, with a display that is edge to edge.

Common Audi A5 A/C Problems

A problem has been discovered where the compressor will not engage. Mechanics who investigated the issue found that the standard G395 pressure sensor, which is situated by the headlamp on the passenger side, was faulty, which required replacement. However, others have still reported problems, even though the system has plenty of gas without blown fuses or fault codes. Most experts agree that if replacing the pressure sensor doesn’t work then most likely a leak is present in the condenser and re-gassing the system should correct the issue.

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Automobile air conditioning problems can be difficult to diagnose, which is why it is so important to hire an A/C technician. Unlike standard mechanics, A/C technicians work specifically with air conditioning and climate control systems and can help you quickly diagnose why your system is not working. Once the true cause has been discovered, you can then purchase the correct replacement part, and R&Y Compressors sells the best that money can buy. Whether you need a new compressor, evaporator, condenser or hose assembly, we’ve got the best deals, and we employ a fast and secure shipping system which means your part will be quickly delivered, so browse for Audi A5 A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!