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About Audi

Audi was founded in Germany by August Horch in 1909, and is famous for its superb engineering and high end luxury vehicles. Today it is part of Volkswagen Group and headquartered in Ingolstadt, but its vehicles are assembled in factories worldwide. It is distinctive for its logo, which encompasses four interconnected rings which are meant to symbolize the original four companies which merged to form the present enterprise. The brand is highly regarded and along with BMW and Mercedes is one of Germany’s top selling automotive brands.

About Audi A3

The A3 is subcompact, executive and designed for small families and groups. It was first introduced during the 1990s and has appeared in four generations so far. The newest model comes with Laser or Matrix LED headlights yet it utilizes the same MQB platform as other Audi vehicles. It is wider and longer than previous generations and it has a 0.28 drag coefficient. It uses a turbocharged engine which is 1.5 liter and capable of generating 150 horsepower, but those who demand greater power can purchase the RS3 which is five cylinder, 2.5 liters and capable of generating 400 horsepower.

The A3 comes with the option of a dual clutch seven speed or 6 speed manual transmissions, with S-Tronic gearboxes that are electronic. Passengers will have access to an updated MMI infotainment, with digital clusters that are 12.3 inches in size. The wheelbase is identical to previous additions but buyers have the option of purchasing a sedan variant.

Common Audi A3 A/C Problems

Some owners have encountered compression failure where the car suddenly died while in operation. This issue occurs even in models that have low mileage, which indicates that the issue is most likely the result of a manufacturing defect. It is also quite hazardous, as it can lead to an accident, especially if it occurs on a highway. There have also been complaints about the condenser leaking Freon which required it to be replaced, and there is another problem where the air conditioning creates condensation in the windshield whenever the vehicle is driven in weather that is muggy or hot, which makes it difficult for drivers to see, requiring the windshield wipers to be used.

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