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About American Motors

American Motors Corporation was founded in 1954 in Southfield, Michigan and was a specialty firm designed to cater to market segments which were not being addressed by the Big Three automakers. A number of its models were highly successful, most notably the Eagle, Rebel, Matador and Hummer, and while some of its vehicles were considered intermediate, others were full sized. AMC pioneered the crossover market, and the company’s success led to Renault purchaseing a significant interest in the firm. Ultimately AMC would be acquired by Chrysler in 1988, but over the last few decades its vehicles have become sought after collectibles.

About American Motors Hummer

Hummer is a line of civilian SUVs and trucks that are derived from the military Humvee. General Motors would ultimately acquire the marquee and sold three variants, which are the classic Hummer H1, H2 and H3. The H3 is outfitted with a five cylinder, 3.5 liter L52 engine and can produce up to 220 horsepower with 225 pounds of torque. It uses a standardized five speed manual transmission but buyers also have the option of an automatic four speed transmission. In 2007 the engine was upgraded to a LLR 3.7 liter that could produce 242 horsepower.

The civilian version of the Hummer is far more luxurious than its military counterparts. Newer models come with amenities such as chrome trim, eighteen inch chrome wheels, leather seats, and climate control. It can tow up to 3,000 pounds and drivers that demand maximum power can purchase a V8 engine that has off-road capability.

Common American Motors Hummer A/C Problems

An issue has been discovered where the Hummer’s air conditioning will automatically shut off while the vehicle is moving. Its NOACC light will display on the dash, and occurs despite the fact that the Hummer is not overheating. Deactivating the A/C for a few moments and then turning it back on seems to fix the issue temporarily. Mechanics who have investigated the issue believe it could be the result of inadequate refrigerant, while others think it is the result of a faulty condenser. There is also some indication that the blower motor or clutch switch could be the source, since electromagnetic clutches are prone to failure.

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