American Motors Eagle

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About American Motors

American Motors Corporation, or AMC, was the result of a merger that occurred between Hudson Motor Company and the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation in 1954. It was designed to compete with the Big 3 (Chrysler, General Motors and Ford), and manufactured a number of vehicles such as the Hornet, Rambler, Ambassador, Matador, Rebel and most famous of all, the Eagle, which is considered by many automotive historians to be the first crossover to be released for the American market.

About American Motors Eagle

The Eagle is a four wheel, compact vehicle which was manufactured and sold by AMC from 1980 until 1987. Chrysler continued selling the vehicle after its acquisition of AMC until 1988. It came in three styles, which were sedan, station wagon and coupe. Each borrowed design elements from the AMC Concord. The Eagle was a huge success, so much so that by 1981 the company decided to release a convertible conversion. By the end of its production life, only the station wagon was available which was dubbed Eagle Wagon.

This vehicle is notable for being the only 4 wheel drive passenger vehicle made in the U.S. during its time. It offered full weather security along with comforts that were comparable to a passenger car. It was outfitted with an I6 engine that could produce 112 horsepower that worked in conjunction with a five speed automatic or manual transmission. Some of the features that can be found in 1988 models include back window defroster, head lamps made with halogen, AM/FM radio and air conditioning. Additional amenities include power seats and windows, side panels made with wood grain and a wiper for the rear window.

Common American Motors Eagle A/C Problems

Some Eagle owners have reported problems with their A/C compressor. These issues usually manifest themselves in the form of either leaking refrigerant or knocking and squealing clutch noises. The compressor is driven primarily via the crankshaft of the engine and plays a key role in making sure the refrigerant flows throughout the system. The compressor within the Eagle is attached to the crankshaft via a pulley and belt system, and the clutch is electromagnetic. Whenever the air conditioning is activated this electromagnetic clutch will become energized.

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