Acura ZDX

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About Acura

Starting in 2010, Acura begin rebadging all its prototypes as HPDs, or Honda Performance Development vehicles. Future cars such as the ARX-03 would be designed under this name. Acura took a hiatus from motorsports until 2013, when the Acura ILX entered 25 Hours of Thunderhill. The ILX also returned the following year, and emerged victorious in its class while finishing in eighth place overall. By 2016 Acura announced during the New York International Auto Show that the GT3 NSX variant would begin competing in 2017.

About Acura ZDX

The ZDX is a moderately sized luxury SUV crossover that was designed for upmarket consumers. It was first introduced in 2009 during the International Auto Show in New York, and was the first SUV to be totally designed at Acura’s design studio in Southern California at Torrance. It has four doors and is said by designers to blur the lines between SUV, sedan and coupe. It comes with a 6 speed automatic transmission, ventilated seats, and a variety of other luxury features. Although its profile is similar to Honda Crosstour, they are not related mechanically, since the ZDX borrows design elements from the MDX and Honda Pilot.

It is powered by a V6, VTEC SOHC engine that is made from aluminum. It can produce 300 horsepower with 270 pounds of torque and 6300 RPM. It also comes with SH-AWD, or Super Handling All Wheel Drive, nineteen inch wheels with seven spoke alloy and a glass panoramic roof and seats that are hand stitched with leather.

Common Acura ZDX A/C Problems

Some drivers have noticed that as time passes refrigerant leaks from their A/C via the seals. Once the refrigerant levels are depleted, the air conditioning will begin blowing out hot air. There are two types of refrigerant that is used in vehicles, which are not interchangeable. The older version is called R12, but for Acura vehicles manufactured after 1995 such as the ZDX, the best option is R134a. Mechanics will install an A/C manifold set, check the system charge, add the proper amount of refrigerant and then install a thermometer to monitor the vent temperatures.

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