Acura TSX

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About Acura

By the 1980s, Japanese automakers had established themselves as a force in the auto world, capturing market share that had long been dominated by the Europeans and Americans. However, they had yet to enter the luxury market, and competition between Toyota and Nissan prompted Honda to develop its own luxury marquee. Due to export restraints which were imposed by the government of Japan, Japanese car companies quickly recognized the advantage of shipping high end cars to the USA. After a decade of studies and research, Honda opened dozens of dealerships throughout the U.S. in support of its automobile division, and by 1986 Acura was born.

About Acura TSX

The TSX is an executive compact car that was introduced by Acura in 2003. It spanned 2 generations, and borrowed a number of design elements from the Accord, although it was more sports oriented. The base engine comes in the form of a 2.4 liter inline 4 that can produce 201 horsepower with 172 pounds of torque. The new engine is distinct from older generations because it distributes power through a much broader RPM range, which when combined with the boosted torque gives greater power to both the vehicle and river. The transmission options include a six speed manual or five speed automatic, which can be outfitted with paddle shifters for the steering wheel so that manual shifting is available. Those who want even more power can purchase the 3.5 liter V6 variant that can produce 280 horsepower.

Common Acura TSX A/C Problems

One owner tried turning on their car’s A/C on a sunny day only to find that it wouldn’t produce any cold air. They had previously extracted the HVAC and stereo controls along with the central console to rewire the speakers using the stock amp, and believed this might be the cause of the problem, since something might have become loose. However, when taken to a mechanic, it was discovered that a leak was present inside the evaporator line, which made the clutch and compressor fail. The compressor, hoses, coil, clutch and Freon were all replaced.

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