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About Acura

Acura vehicles are built for performance, and their success on the racetrack proves this. In 2001 the Acura Integra appeared in the touring class competition and captured a team’s championship, and in 2002 the RSX made its first appearance, finishing well in its debut. Both the TSX and RSX frequently appear in the Grand American Road Racing Association’s KONI Challenge Series. By 2006, the brand announced that it intended to enter the Le Mans American Series with multiple prototypes beginning in 2007. Some of the models used the V8 engine, and the LMP1 class was assembled by Acura in 2009.

About Acura SLX

The SLX is a rebadged and upgraded Isuzu Trooper SUV that was introduced by Acura in 1995. It was available only within the U.S., and was succeeded by the MDX. Between 1996 and 1997 the Acura SLX only came with a DOHC or SOHC V6, 3.2 liter engine, and the front end was altered in 1998. When tested the car displayed a tendency to rollover, which was highlighted by Consumer Reports.

It was assembled at a plant in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, and used a four speed automatic transmission. It is moderately sized, and used a front engine layout with the option of a four wheel or back wheel drive. Although it is related to the Isuzu Trooper, there are a number of differences. Being an Acura, the interior is far more lavish, and its engine power and performance is more substantial.

Common Acura SLX A/C Problems

The air conditioning system in the SLX will not function unless it has sufficient refrigerant. Unfortunately, some owners have noticed that as time passes, refrigerant occasionally leaks through the seals. This results in the A/C unit not blowing out cold air. Because the SLX’s air conditioning system is sealed, this means that the only real way to tell that a recharge is needed is if cold air is not being emitted by the vents. Since the SUV was manufactured after 1995, the best refrigerant is R134a. While the refill can be done manually, many SLX owners choose to hire a professional.

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