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About Acura

Acura is a luxury automotive brand which was created by Honda. The success of Japanese car companies following the Second World War allowed these firms to expand into new markets, and their vehicles received praise for their dependability. However, at the time Honda vehicles were regarded as utilitarian, and by the late 1970s executives recognized the need to expand into the luxury and performance segments. This, combined with increased competition from Toyota and Nissan, led Honda to rapidly develop the Acura division, which was unveiled to the world in 1986.

About Acura EL

The EL is an executive compact car that was the first to be assembled in Canada’s Ontario plant. In fact, it is the very first Acura to ever to be constructed in Canada. It is essentially a Honda Civic which was badge engineered with more advanced features. However, it lacks the Type-S trim, but has been a tremendous success, comprising over fifty percent of Acura’s Canadian sales. The car remained a best seller from 1997 until 2003, and its design is based on the 7th generation Honda Civic. Despite this, its VTEC, 1.7 liter four cylinder engines is more powerful, and can produce 127 horsepower, and it has a distinct tail and headlight design. The leather interior also differs from the Civic, and it has features such as heated mirrors, rear disc style brakes, cruise control, and fifteen inch alloys that are multi spoke.

Common Acura EL A/C Problems

The most common problems that have been reported in the Acura EL involve the air conditioning relay. One owner noticed that their A/C suddenly stopped functioning one day, and they used a manual to locate the clutch relay. Once they realized that it was the source of the problem they simply replaced it with a new one and the air conditioning begin working normally. The best way to identify the relay is with the diagram for the fuse box, and by using online guides it can be replaced manually. Many owners of the Acura El choose to perform the repairs themselves to save money.

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