Reasons Why Your Car’s A/C Is Freezing Up

Close up of hand woman checking the air conditioner in her car

You may be wondering whether it’s normal when your car’s A/C is freezing up. After all, a car’s A/C system is meant to release cold air, right? That may be true, but you have a problem on your hands when your car’s A/C system has frozen up. Why is this so?

When ice has a chance to accumulate and block up the vents, this prevents airflow from circulating within the system. The result is periods of hot air until the ice has had a chance to thaw, and the cycle repeats itself until the root cause has been resolved. In this article, we share with you some possible reasons your car’s A/C could be freezing up!

Clogged Filter, Vents, or Condenser

One of the most common and most easily resolved reasons for a frozen A/C system is a clogged filter, condenser, or vents. When airflow is unable to pass through the system, this causes your coils to freeze. All you need to do is remove the affected part and clean it thoroughly! Giving each component of your car’s A/C a regular cleaning will help to prevent this problem in the future.

Low Levels of Refrigerant

Although your car’s A/C system is fitted with the exact amount of refrigerant it needs to function throughout its lifespan, this can change when there’s a leak. When the level of refrigerant drops, so does the freezing point, and this can result in ice accumulating. The only way to resolve this is to get a recharge and apply a stopper or sealant to the area where the leak has occurred.

Build-Up of Moisture

The only substances that should be in your car’s A/C system are refrigerant (mixed with a UV trackable dye) and oil. The system should be tightly sealed, not only to prevent refrigerant from escaping but to ensure that contaminants do not get a chance to enter. When this system is compromised and moisture enters, freezing can occur. You will want to find out where the moisture is entering from: this will be through the expansion valve in most cases.

Faulty Blower Fan or Motor

The problem can also lie with a number of faulty components, including the blower motor or fan. When the blower fan stops functioning, this can result in a lack of airflow throughout the system. The most common reasons for this are either a clogged cabin filter or a blower motor that’s reached the end of its lifespan and requires replacing.

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