Reasons Why Your Car Air Conditioning Is Not Working

Reasons Why Your Car Air Conditioning Is Not Working

There are a host of reasons why your car’s air conditioning is not working. Culprits can range from a stuck blend air door to Freon leakage, a compressor that won’t engage, and more. Below are some common issues drivers encounter with tips on how to resolve them.

The Blend Air Door Has Become Stuck

When an automobile’s air conditioning is activated, the blend air door will swing over the ventilation system so it can seal off warmer air entering the vehicle while giving colder air time to come in. As with any door, it might become stuck and if so drivers will find themselves in a situation where they’re constantly getting warm air. The good news is that fixing a blend air door usually won’t require you to buy new parts. The bad news is that it might be a pain to reach since it is often positioned behind the dashboard.

The Condenser is Blocked or Faulty

The condenser’s primary task is transforming Freon gas into liquid. Should the condenser become blocked due to damage or debris, the refrigerant won’t flow properly, which culminates in an A/C system that either won’t work at all. The air blown out also won’t be cold. You’ll need to either remove the condenser blockage or replace it completely.

Electrical Issues

Most contemporary automobile A/C parts are electrical. This means that a fuse that has become blown can easily prevent it from working. The good news is that blown fuses are affordable and simple to replace. But unless you have the required technical skill you’ll definitely want to hire a professional to install it.

The Freon Is Leaking

Freon consists of a chemical refrigerant that cools warmer air prior to it being blown back inside the car. Because modern auto A/C systems are quite intricate and require specific Freon levels in order to function, even a small leak can quickly become a major issue. To make matters even more complicated, leaks can have numerous potential sources, so you’ll need to inspect each one, from the hoses to the connections and gasket. The solution will involve either replacing or fixing leaky parts or giving the entire system a Freon recharge.

The Compressor Won’t Engage

The compressor serves as the heart of your vehicle’s A/C system. Once the Freon expands, it becomes quite cold. Air that is blown over metal filled up with Freon will make the surrounding air cool rapidly. However, if the compressor won’t engage, then this won’t happen, and it could be the result of inadequate Freon levels or perhaps you have an engine that is overheated or an electrical issue.

The A/C Needs to Be Recharged

A/C systems are vulnerable to losing refrigerant as the months and years go by. It often occurs so slowly that drivers won’t notice, even when their A/C temperatures fall by a couple of degrees. However, if the issue remains unresolved, enough refrigerant will be lost that you’ll eventually notice when the air conditioning no longer produces cold air. A qualified technician can perform a recharge and run tests to detect any other problems.