Is It A Wise Move To Buy Remanufactured A/C Compressors

Is It A Wise Move To Buy Remanufactured A/C Compressors?

Remanufactured A/C compressors have to meet every functional specification. They should not contain parts which are worn and must meet performance standards. In fact, most of the replacement compressors which are installed in vehicles today are remanufactured, which includes those acquired through distributors specializing in OEM compressors.

Remanufactured Versus Rebuilt

Brand new compressors are those built from castings and components which are new. Aside from the welded hermetic variants, most new compressors will not be used for replacement service since they are too costly and because of the tight delivery schedule from OEM based manufacturing facilities. Rebuilt units are different from remanufactured units because although they are lower in cost, they usually consist of older compressors which have been repainted and repaired.

They will usually consist of salvage parts which have been taken from cores which are scrapped, with no concern about wear limits. As such, rebuilt machines declined in popularity due to market demand for higher quality and superior dependability. It isn’t unusual for a rebuilt compressor to need replacement a few times a year, which is unacceptable to most consumers. Regardless of whether you purchase a brand new or rebuilt compressor, to ensure continual operation, you will need to make sure it is getting the proper amount of oil.

The old compressor will first need to be removed and then drained of the older oil, usually into the measuring container. If you notice one ounce or more within the container, this amount can be re-added to the new or remanufactured compressor. Don’t assume that the new or remanufactured compressor comes with the proper amount of oil, even if the manufacturer claims it does. Remove the new/remanufactured compressor’s port covers and drain out all the oil, then measure it to ensure the correct amount is present. Once you’ve confirmed it, reinstall their port covers and then hand activate the compressor ten times so that it is prelubed. Once everything has been installed, vacuum it for approximately thirty minutes.

A High-Cost Compressor Isn’t Necessarily “New”

A common mistake which is made by those shopping for a compressor is thinking that the higher the cost, the newer the product. This isn’t necessarily the case, as most compressors available on the market today for service replacement are actually remanufactured, irrespective of the source they are purchased from. These compressors are usually remanufactured by a firm which is separate but under a contract with an OEM company. Compressors which are independently remanufactured are dimensionally or functionally indistinguishable from machines which are factory brand.

Reducing Costs

When maintenance departments and contractors acquire compressors which are remanufactured independently, they will usually be able to save between thirty and forty percent of the cost that they would pay for a compressor that is brand new and sold through an OEM wholesaler. Since the end user and contractor will both save, they will gain all the benefits of personalized service and localized support.