Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Broken Auto A/C System

Even the best auto A/C system will wear out over time and require repairs or replacement. Many drivers are reluctant to deal with it however, either because they are short on cash or would rather spend their money on other things. Below are some reasons why a broken air conditioning unit shouldn’t be ignored.

Poor Quality Air Can Make You Sick

A properly working air conditioning system will circulate clean, fresh and cool air throughout the cabin. If the A/C unit falls into disrepair, and you choose to ignore it, the air quality within the vehicle will gradually decline, making you susceptible to allergies and other respiratory issues. Due to moisture both automobile and building A/C systems are subject to a buildup of mold, which you should not want to breathe in.

The Problem Will Get Worse, And More Costly To Fix

It is the laws of nature that problems which you choose to ignore will become bigger, until you can no longer ignore them. This is especially true when it comes to automobiles. The longer you put off fixing your A/C, or any  other car part for that matter, the worse it will become, and when you’re forced to fix it (due to the part or car breaking down entirely), the repair costs will be much higher than they would have been if you’d simply fixed it earlier.

The Value Of Your Vehicle Will Fall

If you intend to resell your car in the future, it is in your best interests to repair the broken air conditioning as soon as possible. Few people will want to spend money on a car that has a broken A/C, especially if they intend to drive it in desert, subtropical or tropical climates, environments which are known for their high summer temperatures and humidity.

Protection And Comfort

A lot of drivers think that they can ignore their broken air conditioning because they always have the option of simply rolling the windows down. This might work while the car is moving, since air will blow in through the windows, but what do you do when the car slows down, is parked, or resting in idle? Aside from the fact that wind blowing into the car can blow things around, possibly even sending them out the window, there is also the security issue. A car window that is rolled down makes it much easier for thieves to either steal the vehicle itself or any valuables they see lying around. Rolling the windows down also gives the occupants less privacy (especially if the windows are tinted) and any conversations held inside the vehicle can be overhead by anyone nearby.

As you can see, it doesn’t make sense to drive around with a broken air conditioner. Not only is it tacky, it gives the occupants less privacy, puts them at greater risk of theft or a carjacking, and on hot summer days the vehicle will be a very uncomfortable place to be.