Understanding The Impact A Failing Auto A/C Compressor Has On A Car

A failing auto A/C compressor should never be taken lightly. It is one of your automobile’s core components, since it is used to distribute and pressurize the refrigerant. If the compressor has an issue, it will affect everything else, compromising the integrity of the system. Below are some signs that your compression is wearing out, and in need of replacement.

Your Compressor Clutch Stops Moving

A compressor clutch that won’t move can be a real headache. This is because it is responsible for giving the system the ability to disengage or engage from the engine so the compressor only turns when it has to. Should the clutch seize, this will put the compressor in a state where it is activated permanently, and should it break, the compressor will be unable to receive power from the engine. In some cases the clutch itself only needs to be replaced, but many technicians will recommend replacing the compressor since this gives better results.

Hot Air Is Being Blown Out

This is one of the most commonly reported issues among those having compressor problems. When a compressor becomes damaged or worn, it won’t be able to correctly regulate the flow of refrigerant. As a consequence, the AC system will attempt to cool down the car, but the results will be inadequate since the air being emitted from the vents will be hot or warm.

The A/C Is Making Unusual Noises

Any time your air conditioning starts making unusual sounds, this means something is amiss. The type of sound it makes will give clues as to what this problem is. The compressor operates using the belts of the engine, and has multiple internal components that utilize a bearing which is sealed for turning. Should any of these internal parts break down, or the bearings malfunction completely, a variety of noises will be heard. If a squealing sound is heard which is high pitched, this means that the bearing is wearing out, while a grinding noise means that the bearing has been seized. The manner in which compressors are manufactured is complex, which means if there is an issue it is best to replace the part completely.

The compressor is the equivalent of a beating heart for the air conditioner. If you suspect it has a problem, this means the entire A/C unit is at risk. This is why it is important to have your evaporator and A/C inspected periodically, at least once a year. It should be noted that many mechanics will not review your air conditioning when performing a routine inspection; you will have to either request it specifically or take it in to a specialist. While some people attempt to perform A/C repairs themselves, this is not recommended. For one, these systems are extremely complex and intricate. Second, they utilize refrigerant, which is considered a hazardous chemical and it can cause serious burns if it comes into contact with the skin.