Top Tips For Changing The Valve Core In A Car

Top Tips For Changing The Valve Core In A Car’s A/C

The A/C system may sound like any other car system. Unknown to most car owners though, it stands out as one of the most sensitive systems. Changing the valve core in an AC system is for instance, a delicate process just as it is the case with nearly all other AC system repairs. But how exactly should one change the valve core of an AC system? Are there tips that can help one save time and money? The answer is a resounding yes! Read on to learn more.

Consider The Your Car’s Year Of Manufacture

There is a reason for this. If your car is a 1994 model or older, then it will require an R-12 refrigerant. It must be retrofitted with an R-134a connection. A quick internet search should be enough to help you learn all you need to know about the difference between the two refrigerants.

Know How To Remove And Replace The Valve Core

This is where the hard part begins. You will need gloves and goggles to get the job done. You will also need new valve cores.  Take time too to know the difference between the low side valve and the high side valve core and how their removers work.

Be Familiar With The Removal Tools

Low side valve removers and high side valve removers are not the same. The difference is minimal though, so you need not worry about them. Either way, understand how your desired removal tool works before you tinker around with it. Both removal tools come complete with extractor rods. The rod slides all the way to the valve and up. There is a notch at the end of the rod and a hole in it. The notch and the hole are supposed to the valve core that you wish to install or remove. There is a handle on the side that has ‘open’ and ‘close’ positions to make the installation and removal processes easy.

Know How To Use The ‘Closed’ And ‘Open’ Positions

The closed position of your extractor rod handle can only be engaged once you have pulled up the extractor rod beyond the handles fixture. That way, you will have sealed off the charged A/C line after you have pulled up the valve core. You will notice a grip area below the extractor rod that can screw and unscrew from the assembly. The handle allows you to remove the extracted valve core after closing the blue side handle. Take time to go through with the motions with the tool so as to become familiar with how it works.

Seek Expert Advice

Car A/C systems are sensitive as already mentioned. They get more and more sensitive with newer car models. This means fixing any A/C system issue is not easy, especially if you know little or nothing about how car A/C systems work. This leaves you with no choice but to seek professional help or at the very least, have someone who understands car A/C systems better than you do anytime you want to repair an A/C related glitch.