Top Tips For Achieving Ice Cold Auto A/C Air

Top Tips For Achieving Ice Cold Auto A/C Air

During the hottest summers, you want the air coming from your car’s A/C to be as cool as possible. However, there are a number of things which can compromise air conditioning efficiency, so below are some tips for ensuring your vehicle always provides you with cold auto A/C air.

Keep The Air Vents Clear

Many automobiles will have their air vents positioned by the windshield, and when you park under a tree, although this will give your car shade it will also allow falling leaves to land on the windshield, where they will sometimes block the external vents. Therefore, you want to check them periodically to ensure they are clear of debris and leaves; if not the evaporator could become jammed which leads to blockage and A/C which is less cold than it should be.

Inspect The Radiator Fans

Radiator fans are responsible for ensuring the condenser has adequate cooling so that the desired air is transferred into the car. Should the radiator fans become compromised, the A/C might continue working, but not as well, and may strain the compressor in a manner that causes it to burn out faster. You can find the radiator fan be looking under the car’s hood.

Make Sure Your Fan Belt Is Tight

To access the fan belt you will want to open your car’s hood. It should be tight and free of cracks; otherwise it has to be replaced because a loose or cracked belt will cause the compressor to slip which will compromise its function and that of the A/C itself. Even if the compressor and A/C continue working, it will have to work harder which leads to premature burn out. Given the fact that a new compressor is substantially more expensive than a fan belt, it makes sense to ensure the belt is in optimal condition.

Keep Your A/C Filter Free of Dust

The filter is an A/C component that is frequently overlooked. It is responsible for capturing particles and dirt to keep them away from the cabin. However, by doing this it is guaranteed that the filter will become dirty and clogged as time passes, which will compromise the quality of the A/C air. To reach the filter in most cars, you will need to extract the glove compartment, and behind it a miniature panel will be visible which holds the filter. The best way to clean it is through a blower, but in some cases it may be better to replace it entirely.

Check For Gas Leaks

Inspecting the gas of your A/C system at home isn’t possible unless you have the right gauges. Compressors will leak gas as time passes, as they use a shaft which spins with a seal. If this seal was completely air tight, it would operate dry and burn out rapidly, so a small amount of A/C oil is present and it prompts a small amount of leakage over time which is acceptable. However, it should be refilled every two to five years, and if you find yourself needing to refill it multiple times within a single year this means you have a problem.