Top Reasons For A Broken A/C

Top Reasons For A Broken A/C

Having a car without a working A/C can be really annoying and uncomfortable during summer. There are plenty of reasons that can contribute to a broken air conditioning system. Let us guide you through a few of those.

Failed A/C Compressor

The compressor is the backbone of any A/C system, and in case it fails, your car A/C won’t produce the desired cooling effect. The failure is mainly due to insufficient oil in the system or from normal wear and tear over a period of time.

Fouling Or Clogging In The System

It can happen when debris clogs your system or when you use low-grade leak stopping agents. Clogging reduces cooling performance by causing the pressure to change in the wrong sections of the system. You can inspect the pressure around the system to check for clogs.

Broken HVAC Component

A problem with the ventilation system is a misleading cause of a broken A/C. Depending on the vent chosen and the temperature setting, the air moves through a series of ducts heading toward separate passages. If the doors that guide the ventilated air, break or the ducts get congested, it may reheat the cool air and make it feel like your A/C is malfunctioning, even when there is no issue with the system. In this case, the feed line to the evaporator will feel chilled under the hood, but you will feel warm air coming out of the vents.

Low Refrigerant Or Leakage

This has to be one of the most common reasons why A/C systems break down. A low refrigerant level is often caused by leakage, which is quite common due to the nature of refrigerant used in the system and the environment it is exposed to. Measure the low side pressure in the air conditioning system to check for the leaks. In case it’s lower than the threshold value, you may have a leak. Add refrigerant to your system to make it work properly again. In addition to that, you can add a leak-stop to seal the leakage, which ultimately got you here.

Electrical Problems

There are various electrical problems that can cause the A/C system to malfunction. Your air conditioner won’t cool the car if the compressor is not getting the indication from your ventilation system to turn on. In case the electric fans that cool the condenser have a bad relay or have a blown fuse or your condenser is burnt out, it can cause your A/C system to slow down. With one of the sensors going wrong in the A/C system, it can result in poor performance. Diagnose the issues and fix them at the earliest.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils in the A/C can cause overheating, causing auto A/C components to break down. The coils work constantly to push cool air through the air conditioning unit. The unit cannot function properly if the coils are continuously covered in dirty particles and there is no release of moisture. Regular cleaning will help limit the amount of dust and dirt that can accumulate on the coils.