How To Safely Change A Car A/C Line

How To Safely Change A Car A/C Line

A common sign of air conditioning hose failure is when the A/C is either not blowing out air which is cold, or when air is leaking from it. Below are some tips for safely replacing your car A/C line, as these are one of the air conditioning’s most essential components.

What Is The Role Of A/C Lines?

The A/C line is designed to attach all the parts together in a manner that allows both refrigerant and gas to be transported within the system. However, like all car parts, they are subject to failure as time passes which often results in leakage. There are a number of reasons why this failure can occur.

Recovering Used Refrigerant

To recover used refrigerant you will need a recovery machine. This machine must be hooked up, with blue lines going into the port on the low side while red lines will go to the port on the high side. The yellow line should always be connected to a recovery tank that is approved. Now the machine must be activated and the on screen prompts followed. The low and high side gauges should each display zero prior to the process being completed.

Changing Your A/C Line

To switch the A/C line you will need a standard socket set, protection for your eyes, an O-ring line and new A/C line. You must now identify the line that is failing, including each end. Make certain it is compatible with the replacement line prior to starting repairs. Make a note of whether the line is leaking and where the leakage occurs. Oftentimes other components must be moved so that you can access your A/C line. Once this is done you’re ready to disconnect the line itself. Prior to doing so, be sure you’re wearing eye protection so that refrigerant doesn’t splash into them once the line is removed.

Lines come in different styles and have their own distinct removal method, so make sure you know the type you’re working with. Once the line has been removed you will next need to switch your o-ring. This must be done before installing the new line. An o-ring is usually present on each end. Be sure the replacement o-ring is lubricated before installing it. Once it is in place the new line can be installed.

Inspect The A/C System While Recharging and Vacuuming

For this final step you will need refrigerant, the recovery machine and the owner’s manual. Set the machine up, just as you did in part one connecting the blue and red line to the proper ports. Now put your system inside a vacuum so moisture is cleared and remaining air and refrigerant is removed. This should be done for about a half hour, unless you are at high altitude, at which point it should be done longer.

Next you will want to recharge the refrigerant of the A/C. This is done with the pressure port on the low side. Remove the connection on the side with high pressure and review the type and amount of refrigerant you used for recharging. You can find this info in the manual.