Replacing Your Auto A/C Clutch May Not Be Enough

Replacing Your Auto A/C Clutch May Not Be Enough

If the car’s A/C is not cooling enough, a number of factors may be at fault. Aside from the common compressor problem, one cause could be the auto A/C clutch.

What Is An A/C Clutch

The air condition clutch transmits power to the A/C compressor. Sometimes referred to as a magnetic clutch, it operates just like an electromagnet. It is composed of three components: clutch body/pulley, compressor clutch coil, and the clutch plate.

When the engine is running, the clutch body rotates around a pulley bearing because of the drive belt. When the driver starts the A/C, power is given to the clutch coil which is a large coil of copper wire that generates a magnetic field when powered up. Once the magnetic field is ready, a portion of the clutch plate is pulled towards the clutch body and this would set the compressor shaft in motion.

When there is something wrong with the compressor clutch and it will not engage, partial or no power is delivered to the compressor so the A/C will not work or will only blow a warm air.

Reasons Why the Clutch Will Not Engage

There are different ways that the clutch coil receives power which depends on what wiring method is used by the manufacturer. No matter how it receives power, A/C clutches share the same causes why it will not engage or is not giving power to the compressor.

The most common reason is when the clutch fuse is could be because there is a short between coil windings. This further results in a weak magnetic field and will prevent a full clutch plate to pulley engagement.

When the clutch relay is faulty, a full current flow to the clutch coil will not be possible. This can be tested by unplugging the electrical connector and testing for battery voltage while the A/C is on.

Another reason why a clutch coil will not engage is when the system pressure is very low. This also indicates a need for a refrigerant recharge because once the compressor runs on a low refrigerant level; it will not carry enough oil causing more problems in the system. On the other hand, too much system pressure because of either an overcharge or a restricted component can likewise cause a clutch failure.

A corroded ground connection is also a reason why the A/C clutch fails. A magnetic field will not be created if the clutch coil is corroded.

Why It’s Not Enough to Change the A/C Clutch

Going back at the reasons why the clutch does not engage, you can see that the clutch is interconnected to the functional network that powers the compressor. While it is a must to change it once it is broken, the problem simply won’t be fixed at once when replaced with a new one.

The A/C system is complex and it is apparent that when the A/C is broken, there may be more than one reason. Although the A/C clutch is a potential cause, it is not enough to change it because there are other factors that could also be at fault.

Your car must be checked by an expert mechanic and have the needed replacements from a trusted dealer. R & Y A/C compressors can guarantee quality replacement parts. We recommend that upon checking for solutions for a broken air conditioning, it is encouraged to check the system as a whole. There may be a need to replace vital parts such as the A/C clutch, compressor, hose assemblies, condenser, etc.