Probable Reasons For An Auto Compressor Failure

There are a whole host of reasons for your automobile’s air conditioning system to break down, but one of the most frequent causes, whether it may seem immediately apparent or not, is actually compressor failure. There have been cases where technicians have been unable to diagnose the causes of a malfunctioning A/C system for eight months before they eventually swapped out the compressor for a new one and everything worked perfectly again. Hence, don’t disregard the importance of checking and double checking your compressor even if it feels like it might not be the reason.

Excessive High Or Low Pressure

Condenser fans might get fried because of bad connections, or even defective motor windings that overheat. When this happens, excessive pressure and heat is created and accumulated which can lock up or damage a compressor. Loose connections at the coil can lead to high resistance and low voltage, thus causing clutch slippage. On the other hand, low pressure is created when there is low refrigerant charge, which means a lack of lubrication reaching the compressor. By painting the condenser, it could insulate it and help reduce the changes in pressure from heat. As for low pressure, best is to keep checking the refrigerant levels.

Lack Of Use

Just like how auto engines may stall from lack of use, the same thing happens with A/C compressors. When not run regularly, compressors may have insufficient lubrication, which leads to undue wear on the compressor until oil reaches the compressor again. Even if you don’t need to use your auto for long periods of time, it is highly advisable to switch on your auto and A/C every once a week and let it run for a few minutes to keep the compressor lubricated.

Multiple Types Of Refrigerant Used

When topping up your refrigerant, beware of the type that you purchase, or that your technician has picked out for your auto. Refrigerants are paired with compatible compressors, and using the wrong type of refrigerant or a mix of types can damage seals and O-rings, causing leakage or swelling. This can happen relatively quickly and may escape your notice. Be sure to only use the same type of refrigerant, or do an evacuation before changing to another type.

Failure To Flush System

Over time, compressors and hoses wear away, and bits and pieces may mix with the oil. This sludge enters the compressor and creates a blockage, causing the compressor to fail. It is advisable to periodically flush or evacuate your system to ensure the oil is clean and there is no debris within lying in wait to cause problems.

Should your auto A/C compressor unfortunately fail, and you need to get a replacement, you can check our online directory for the type and model that you need, and even purchase one online with fast delivery. Alternatively, you can look up an A/C specialist in your area to give you advice. R & Y Compressors is a trusted supplier of A/C parts and we have a wealth of knowledge and advice to help you get your auto air con system up again like a breeze!