How to operate auto ac efficiently

How To Operate An Auto A/C Efficiently

Getting inside an air-conditioned car will always make you want to turn on the switch right after you have started the engine. This is especially so if you have spent hours under the heat of the sun and the only comfort you will get is from operating your car’s A/C. After that, you will feel refreshed. The question is: Is this the most efficient way to operate auto A/C efficiently? If you want answers to this question, it is best to read on.

When Turning on the A/C

If your car has been parked under the sun for several hours a day, expect that the inside temperature inside it can reach up to as much as 130 degrees Celsius. When this is the case, the solution is to turn the A/C system on and from there, you should open all the windows accordingly. You must select face mode for the car’s air vents making sure that these vents are pointing towards people inside the car. Never point the vents at your feet. You must then turn the temperature control dial to the coolest level as possible and set the blower on its highest speed as well.

Turn the Fresh Air Mode on

Once you have turned the A/C on after being parked under extreme heat, you must then make sure that the air is set on the Fresh Air mode. You must leave the air conditioning system running under this mode for about three minutes. This is very helpful in expelling out the hot air from the car and replacing it with air that is about 30 degrees Celsius. When you have done this then you can make the A/C work not to solve the heat from the 130 degree Celsius it accumulated after being parked under the sun but instead start cooling from the 30-degree mode. This will help you cool the cabin of your cars in a faster manner.

Using the Re-circulate Mode

Once you have done making the A/C work on Fresh Air mode, you can close all the open windows then turn the knob or move the lever to the Re-circulate Mode. This will reduce the fan speed a little bit. You have to take note that too much Fresh Air will have an impact on the way the system can cool effectively resulting to an iced system later on. Allow the A/C to get chunks of air that can help cool the car. From here, you must re-circulate air once again.

Practicing the above-mentioned tips will definitely do you and your car’s A/C system a lot of good. You must make it a point that you practice this especially when it is very hot outside and you have left your car parked on open space. When you get used to this method, you will be able to enjoy cool air throughout the year, not just only during summer time. There may be other ways to operate your car’s A/C system in a more efficient manner and you must make sure they really work before giving them a try.