How Often Should you do an AC System Recharge

How Often Should You Do An A/C System Recharge?

You are out travelling with your family and friends on a hot summer’s day and you notice that there is something wrong with how your car air conditioning system is working. You may wonder if it is about time you recharge the unit. However, the problem is that you have already recharged it a couple of month’s back. Does it need recharging really? Well, the answer may be a no.

An A/C system recharge may only be necessary in certain situations. There are instances when the unbearable heat may render the need for A/C replacement. You have to set these two things apart because frequent recharging might just compromise the service lifespan of the system, plus the comfort you really want out of it.

Regular Recharging is not Necessary

The car A/C system is a sealed and closed system which means that regular servicing as well as recharging may not be necessary unless of course the system is opened for service. There are certain instances which may call for recharging, e.g. leakage caused by wear and tear.

When will Recharging be Necessary Then?

A recharge will be needed when you notice that there is a sudden drop in your air conditioning system’s performance. But before recharging the system on your own, you have to remember to have the system checked by a professional. Checking will actually determine whether recharging will be necessary. You can ask professional help to recharge the A/C system when this is the case.

More on Leaking in the A/C System

Leaking is not actually result of overusing the A/C system. It actually happens when the A/C system have not been used for extended periods of time. For example, during winter when you feel like that it’s not necessary to turn the system on when you are driving. Leaking cannot really cause much of a problem especially if the A/C system still meets your cooling requirements properly. When this is the case, there is no reason for you to recharge it.

Why Recharge the A/C System?

Recharging the A/C system is important because when it already cools poorly then it can result to severe damage to the A/C compressor which will then lead to another problem. You can tell that recharging will be needed to if you check on the orifice tube. Once the tube is restricted then it means there is a serious problem with the system which requires immediate attention. There are cases when the situation will call for flushing of the entire system.

If you are unsure of how often the A/C system must be recharged then you must always consult an expert to help you with your decision. By doing so, you will be able to eliminate all other problems that may come with improperly recharging the system.