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How Long Should A Car’s A/C Compressor Last?

One of the concerns car owners have when it comes to their A/C compressors is how long these will last. To some extent, you might end up asking this question only after you are sweating even when your A/C system has been turned on. Think of the fact that your A/C compressor is a very important component that keeps your air conditioning working. When taking long trips, you rely on it to help you get by the heat of the sun when it is hot outside.

The A/C compressor works by compressing refrigerated air, which it then delivers to the condenser. This is that part when the refrigerated air is converted into cooling gas to keep the air cool. Cooled gas will then be converted back to liquid and then goes back to the compressor. The question now is: how long should a car’s A/C compressor last?

The Answer May Vary

It is definitely difficult to accurately determine how long an A/C compressor will last because it will depend upon a host of factors. One factor is the age of your car. Come to think of it, when your car has been working for you for so long already, expect that the compressor has already been used a lot. There is a great chance that the compressor will malfunction already as your car gets older by the day. When it fails, you will feel little to no cool air on the passenger compartment.

Another factor to consider is how often you use your AC. If you have been using your AC most of the time then the compressor is really doing some hard work. This is especially so if you use your car when going to work or taking your kids to school. While the A/C compressor functions, the life is shortened as well.

What’s The Usual Number of Years?

It has been estimated that an A/C compressor can last from eight to ten years. Many drivers will then say that they will not need to change their A/C compressor at all since this number denotes the life of the car. But of course, as we have mentioned earlier, the life expectancy of an A/C compressor will depend on its age and use.

Signs That Indicate Possible Malfunctions

One of the main reasons behind why people are concerned about how long an A/C compressor will last is because they want to know when it is time to replace one. You have to check for the signs that indicate that the A/C compressor is failing and needs replacement. Among them are sporadic cooling, an irritating noise when you turn the air conditioning system on, and the presence of coolant leaks. It is important too that you make sure the A/C compressor runs properly. You can check on this by using the AC even during winter at least for 10 minutes each month.

When you notice that your A/C compressor is already failing in terms of performance, take it as a sign to have it replaced. Professionals can help you on this aspect and with their help you can always enjoy better climate control for your car, no matter how old it is.