How Long Does An A/C Recharge Last?

How Long Does An A/C Recharge Last?

A vehicle’s air conditioning system works pretty much like a refrigerator. Both operate because of the presence of a refrigerant. It is a given then that once there is a problem on the system and the car, or the fridge, is not as cold as before, the culprit is more likely to be the refrigerant.

With vehicles, an A/C recharge, or the process of adding refrigerant to the system, often solves the problem. This is true in instances where there is a leakage on the system and the refrigerant is depleted. Although there is no specific rules about when to do a recharge, it is a must that you are familiar about how it works so you get to enjoy the A/C of your car.

Evac and Recharge

Upon inspection, you may hear the mechanic say that the car needs to have an evac and recharge. Basically, it is done to remove the old refrigerant and oil from the system using a special vacuum machine. Once it is cleared out, the system is refilled with a fresh refrigerant and oil according to the right level. After a successful refill, the A/C is expected to work properly and is good as new.

However, this process only works if there are no leaks in the system. Once a leak or other damages are found on the A/C system, a replacement of the damaged parts has to be done. Once the leak is fixed, there is still a need to recharge to make the air cool again.

When To Have A Recharge

The best way to tell if your car’s A/C needs a recharge is to feel how cold the air from the vent is. If it is not cool enough or it is only blowing a warm breeze, then it is a sure sign for a recharge. Another scenario where a recharge should be done is when the defroster is no longer working.

How Long Will Each Recharge Last?

The car’s A/C unit is used only when needed, specifically during the hot months. Since it does not run constantly, a recharge can last for at least three years. Even when you are not low on refrigerant yet, it is recommended to have them flushed and replaced and should be a part of the car’s routine maintenance.

Although the main problem is usually a leak in the system, it helps to be proactive and check whether the A/C already needs to be recharged from time to time. You have to keep the A/C system in the best condition so that you and your passengers will be comfortable should there be a need to turn it on.

When a replacement is needed to fix the A/C system, get the needed components from a trusted supplier like the R & Y A/C Compressors. The wide selection of compressors, hose assemblies, condensers, and other A/C system parts can guarantee that they have the one that you need for your vehicle.