Know These Auto Terms Before Checking Your Vehicle A/C System

Know These Auto Terms Before Checking Your Vehicle A/C System

Aside from the car engine, your vehicle A/C system works hard during every drive. It is a given that you want each travel to be as comfortable as it can be. However, an A/C system that does not work properly is a huge and inconvenient problem.

Before having your car checked, you have to learn about these terms first so it will be easier for you to discuss the problem with your mechanic.


Most A/C problems are caused by damage on the compressor as it is the main component of the A/C system. It pressurizes the refrigerant to change the temperature.

Compressor Clutch

The compressor clutch will tell the compressor when to either turn on or off by engaging and disengaging the proper cycle.

Clutch Cycling Switch

This controls the flow of refrigerant by gauging the amount of pressure. This is important to prevent the system from being frozen with too much refrigerant.


These are a special fluid that transforms hot air into cold air. It works by absorbing heat so that only the cold air stays and blown out. It is more commonly called as Freon which is actually a brand name.


These metals and rubber hoses serve as a highway for the refrigerant to flow into the system.


The condenser is important in “recycling” the hot gas from the compressor and turns it again into a liquid form.


This is where heat exchanges happen so that moisture is removed from the air to make it cold. It is the last step of the air conditioning process before the cold air leaves the vent into the car.

Thermal Expansion Valve/Orifice Tube

Found between the condenser and evaporator, this monitors and controls how much refrigerant flows towards the evaporator. It determines exactly how much refrigerant is needed and at the same time keeps other materials out from the system.


This acts as a filter where moisture, liquids, and debris are trapped for them not to enter the A/C unit. These contaminants are harmful if they managed to flow into the compressor. The drier ensures that gas is separated from the liquid and that both are within their necessary locations.


This has the same function as the receiver but only for cars that use an orifice tube instead of the usual thermal expansion valve.


This is the process of replacing refrigerants when it is not enough to cool the air that comes out from the A/C unit.

Refrigerant Charge Port

This functions as a connecting port to which new refrigerant flows as the A/C system is being recharged.

Whenever your car’s A/C system is faulty, it pays to know these terms as they can help you understand how the whole system works. It will be a lot easier to comprehend what the problem is and you will have no trouble finding parts that are to be replaced.

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