Is Your Car A/C Broken Or Not Properly Charged?

When air conditioning units within vehicles start having problems, many drivers automatically assume the compressor or car A/C broken. However, while this may be the case, it is important to remember that these systems are closed which means that the refrigerant will be evaporated and condensed so that the air is cooled before being pushed through the vents. Sometimes all that is needed is a recharge, rather than repair.

What Is An A/C Recharge?

An air conditioning recharge does not involve a battery. Rather, it requires placing additional refrigerant inside the system, because some refrigerant was lost as a result of leaks. A lot of people are under the assumption than an air conditioning unit can be quickly recharged, but this is not the case. First the leak must be identified, after which it can be repaired and then more refrigerant can be added. Below are some signs that you’re A/C system needs a recharge.

Warm Air Emanating From The Vents

If you notice that the air coming through the vents is either warm or low in pressure, this could be an indication of a refrigerant leak. In most cases this leakage will be difficult to detect, requiring the usage of a special dye which is suited to the task.

The A/C Makes Unusual Noises

Modern A/C systems should be quiet, cooling your car down without making a whole lot of noise. However, a system which is malfunctioning will make a variety of sounds, including squealing, rattling and grinding. Each type of sound indicates a different issue, from clogging to a fan which is broken. Either way, you or a mechanic must identify what is amiss and address it.

The Vents Aren’t Pushing Out Any Air

If the air conditioning is not blowing out air while the vehicle is operating, even though its fan is activated, something has definitely gone wrong. In most cases it is a sign that either the pump or fan inside the system has a problem.

The A/C Produces Foul Odors

An air conditioning system should never produce air that smells bad. If it does you could have mold which has accumulated inside the system, which results from the high level of evaporation along with condensation that is present in the A/C environment. As the mold grows over time, it will eventually clog the system, which will ultimately result in malfunction. If you suspect mold it is best not to operate your air conditioning at all until it has been completely cleared out.

You Notice The Floor Of The Car Is Wet And Stained

If you notice that the floor in your vehicle is damp and stained, this usually indicates that the drain has a clog.

If this issue and the others mentioned above are not rectified soon, you will continue to lose money due to your A/C. A lot of drivers who are short on funds choose to refill the refrigerant with an A/C canister, and while this may work temporarily, it is not a long term fix and you will want to have the A/C repaired by a pro.